How to Buy House Plants Wholesale

Anyone can buy house plants, but can they buy them wholesale? Sure. But it’s a little more complicated. There are lots of factors to consider. Normally you go to the nursery or garden section of your favorite store and pick out a few house plants. Buying in bulk isn’t as easy or simple. You need to consider factors like wholesale cost, how are you going to transport the plants. But before anything, you should consider one very important thing: Why do you want to buy wholesale? 

What’s your motivation? Are you buy because you’re obsessed with house plants and you want as many as you can possibly get your hands on? We don’t blame you  Or is it because you want them at a cheaper price and you’re hoping to get that by buying in bulk? Are you planning on reselling the plants at a markup? Whatever your motivation is, be prepared for the wild ride that is wholesale plant buying.

You can find a wide variety of plants at wholesale nurseries. Plants for outdoor, plants for your home, and everything in between. There are so many options, but for the purposes of this post, we are going to focus on buying wholesale house plants.

When doing so, it is your mission to find the best house plants for you. You definitely do not want the house plants you buy to die before you get a chance to fully enjoy them.

This post discusses a few things factor in when buying houseplants wholesale, including affiliate links to buy some plants. 

Check Before Buying House Plants Wholesale 

No matter how healthy or appealing an indoor plant appears, it is crucial that you examine it first before buying, especially if you are buying in bulk. This can be hard if you are buying in wholesale house plants for sale online. Just because it is offered by a reputable indoor plant seller does not guarantee that it is free of flaws. It is rather common for plant buyers to purchase house plants only to discover in the future that it was a mistake.

In the case of buying wholesale plants, you must look for damage to the foliage, diseases on the leaves and soil, and the presence and pests. The soil should look like, well, soil. You don’t want any funky funk on it. It also have a neutral odor. If you detect a rotten, foul odor, choose another indoor plant.

Be Cautious When Buying House Plants Wholesale

There are lots of ways to buy plants wholesale—online, in-person, over the phone, through the mail. When shopping for house plants wholesale, you must be extremely cautious. This is especially true when buying  the plant from a wholesale plant nursery. This is due to the fact that not all nurseries deliver plants the same way.

You can’t control the level of care they put into the handling and delivery of the plants, so pick your nursery wisely. If you decide to buy plants wholesale, make sure you do so from a good nursery.

Beware of The Bargain

Bargains are bargains for a reason. If a deal on whole sale house plants seems appealing, it might be because there is a problem with the house plants. Do avoid indoor plants that are significantly on sale. There is probably something wrong with them. If they look sick, they probably are. Also consider that the plant could die if it is exposed to cold weather. Freezing temperatures are dangerous for indoor plants.

Don’t Buy The House Plant Wholesale For Its Planter

Buying wholesale plants based on their appearance is a terrible way to do it. But it definitely isn’t the only mistake plant buyers make. Some will choose a house plant purely because it comes in a nice planter. This is a very bad idea. Sometimes the planter is made of cheap materials, no matter how good it looks. It could also lack drainage holes, which is a recipe for disaster, causing disease in the plant. The pot may also be too small, stunting the plant’s growth.

Purchasing house plants wholesale is not something you should do on a whim without planning first. Always take the time to consider your options, and if you are indeed unsure ask for help, either online or in person.

If You’d Rather Not Buy Wholesale, Then Buy These Right Now …

Costa Farms ZZ Zamioculcas zamiifolia, Indoor Plant, 12-Inch

This beautiful yet affordable indoor plant is great putting on surfaces—tables, counters—or on the floor in the right spot. It comes in a beautiful pot that will blend in with almost nay hole decor. A plant like this can really make a big difference when it comes to getting the accents in your home just right.

Costa Farms White Bird of Paradise Strelitzia nicolai, Indoor Plant in Décor Planter, 24-Inches

Now this is an equally lovely and reasonably priced indoor plant that is significantly larger. Because of its size, this plant really belongs in the right spot on the floor. It too comes in a beautiful pot that will complement almost any décor.

Costa Farms Aglaonema Live Indoor Plant, 14-Inches

Add some color to your home with this indoor plant. It is smaller in size than the previous house plant, but it is just as charming. It will make your home pop and best of all it is relatively low maintenance, requiring little effort on your part.

Bamworld Plant Stand Indoor Plant Stands Wood Outdoor Tiered Plant Shelf for Multiple Plants

Of course if you are going to add a small jungle of house plants to your home then you will most definitely need a place to keep them, making this multi tired plant shelf perfect for your needs. Both stylish and functional, this plant stand will be a great addition to your home.

GEEBOBO 3 Tier Plant Stand, Large Multi Tiered Plant Shelf 

This plant stand is another great option for style and function. It will give your home a zen feel while holding several of your house plants on three beautifully slatted wood tiers.

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