Best Mosaic Lamps From Turkey

Turkish mosaic lamps are unique in their colorful stained glass. Many are handmade and come in a bevy if colors. There are shorter desktop lamps and there are also taller floor lamps, a differemt kind for different homes and different needs. If you are looking for mosaic lamps From Turkey specifically, many featured in this post are indeed from Turkey and without costing significantly more than ones made for cheaper elsewhere.

Turkish mosaic lamps have been around for centuries, perhaps as far back as Byzantine Rome. The mosaic style is part of the culture, which is reflexcted in the mosaic lamps from Turkey produced today. They are distinct and evergreen in their appeal.

These ornamental lights are not intended to give brilliant light for conducting detailed work because of their warmth and honesty. For that, there are other sorts of light. Instead, whether you position them in the entryway or over the kitchen counter, their purpose is to set the tone in any given room and overall create a comfortable atmosphere in your home.

The Best Turkish Mosaic Lamps

Turkish Moroccan Tiffany Style Handmade Mosaic Lamp

There are few, if any, Turkish mosaic lamps more beautiful than this one. The light shines through the beautiful shades of blue in this 19 inch mosaic lamp with a curved arched body rising above its solid dimpled metal base. It is, without question, one of the best mosaic lamps from Turkey.

DEMMEX – 9 Big Globes Turkish Mosaic Floor Lamp, Bohemian Boho Tiffany Turkish Mosaic Floor Lamps

This is handmade mosaic lamp is special in it’s uniquely colorful globes that spiral around the lamp. It is one of the larger mosaic lamps with 9 globes dangling from its top. It is truly beautiful and elegant in it’s appearance and the artistry that went into crafting it.

MOZAIST 7 Globe Turkish Floor Lamp

What a stunning lamp this is. Out of all the Turkish mosaic floor lamps, this one really stands out with its 7 globes suspended above the floor, spiraling around the metal base of the lamp. The stained glass comes in several colors, making for a versatile mosaic lamp that can fit with many different home decor color patterns.

Marrakech Turkish Mosaic Table Lamp Unique Stained Glass Handmade Mosaic Lamp

Although shorter and smaller than some of the other Turkish mosaic lamps, this one is just as beautiful. It makes for a compact yet stunning mosaic lamp from Turkey that will fit nicely in almost any home, depending on the decor.

How Mosaic Lamps from Turkey Are Made

Mosaic lamps from Turkey get their unique and colorful traits from the high standard of the materials that go into each lamp. They are crafted so incredibly carefully by skilled workers. The creativity and imagination that goes into each lamp is truly astounding. Here is a quick summary of the production process that goes into many of the mosaic lamps:

  1. Each glass part of the lamp is made by hand and then cut from larger sheets of the stained glass.
  2. Next, a base of clear glass is blown by hand, then it is cut into small pieces. To guarantee the finished pattern of the lamp follows to the original plan, the basics of the colorful design are put on clear glass with an outline.
  3. Then some of that layer is covered with a permanent yet slow-drying glue. Each pattern includes enough space for each lamp to develop its own unique personality.
  4. Slowly, the adhesive is applied and each piece of glass is put together, creating the epic mosaic that eventually becomes the final product. An adhesive is used to cover the gaps between glass pieces.
  5. After all the layers of the mosaic have dried, a cleaner is rubbed over the glass mosaic to take off any adhesive and debris left on the outer surface layer.
  6. With the previous step also comes the smoothing of the the mosaic lamp shade, which often has blunt glass edges sticking out.
  7. Finally, after the lamp shade is smoothed out, it is added to rest of the lamp to form the final product—a beautiful mosaic lamp from Turkey that may just find its way into a welcoming like yours.

There are so many things to love of Turkish Mosaic lamps. They are as beautiful as they are functional. While they may not fit with every home décor, when they do go with the style of a home, they really make it pop. They are often the focal point of a room or even the entire house, and for good reason. Mosaic lamps from Turkey are stunning in every way.

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